Medical Links Superior Quality Reusable Isolation Gowns

We understand you want to save lives while saving the planet. Therefore, our reusable isolation gowns help you achieve both goals at a budget-friendly price. The FDA classifies isolation gowns as a Class II medical device. Healthcare experts use these gowns during situations that pose a high risk of contamination. Reusable gowns help protect healthcare practitioners and frontline workers from body fluids, microorganisms, and infections that may otherwise spread due to the absence of the right quality of PPE.
We follow FDA guidelines to ensure you get premium isolation gowns. All areas are critical for these gowns, except hems, cuffs, and bindings. Therefore, we provide washable isolation gowns with a larger critical zone paired with standard liquid barrier protection for superior protection and minimum risk of pathogenic transmission.

Why Choose Medical Links
Reusable Isolation Gowns?

Medical Links offers a complete apparel solution for healthcare workers. With attention to specifications and detail, we manufacture high-quality gowns that provide maximum protection against fluids.
Our isolation gowns have high flexural strength and are designed keeping your comfort and safety in mind. This way, we ensure that the wearer remains safe in an exposed environment. While the gown fits cozy and snug, the material itself is resistant to deformation. It can endure high impact, making them suitable for repeated use in a clinical setting.
Our gowns are FDA class 1 registered and approved for the safety and protection of both patients and frontline workers. Furthermore, each gown meets the EU PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, Category I standards.

Smart Ergonomic Design

We understand the growing need for multiple sizes; hence, we produce standard sizes and plus size isolation gowns suitable for various body types. Our AAMI BP70 Barrier Protection Level 1 gowns are comfortable and easy to wear.
Medical Links PPE is cut and stitched with state-of-the-art textile machinery. Hence, it lasts, wash after wash. The soft fabric is eco-friendly and meets international standards making them a durable and reliable choice. The kimono-style medical apparel comes complete with elastic cuffs for sleeves. Our gowns have a snug neck style and showcase a full-open back design that is easy to take off and wear in case of an emergency. Each gown is stitched with protective long sleeves and a waist tie that secures comfortably around the back or front, depending on your preference.

Superior Quality Isolation Gowns

Our FDA-registered and approved large-size gowns are manufactured using fabric that is reusable and breathable. Our gowns are suitable for wearing for long hours, even in humid and hot weather. Complete with minimal barrier protection, these gowns are ideal for warding off small amounts of blood and fluids, making them ideal for daily wear.

Eco-Friendly Material

Reusable isolation gowns are an excellent option, especially during an unprecedented shortage of personal protective equipment. They are convenient during peaks in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC has also announced reusable isolation gowns as the preferred choice of PPE for healthcare workers.
At Medical Links, we emphasize reducing our carbon footprint, and our washable isolation gowns help achieve this goal. The manufacturing of this PPE helps reduce 93% solid waste generation, 30% greenhouse gas emissions, 28% reduced energy consumption, and 41% less blue water consumption. Therefore, when you choose a Medical Links reusable
Isolation gown, you make a conscious effort to save and sustain the planet.

Better Return On Investment

Our washable isolation gowns cost less than disposable gowns and last longer. Each PPE is crafted to perfection following the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) guidelines to ensure you get the very best we have to offer. The superior quality breathable fabric makes them ideal for up to 25 industrial launderings or 100 home washes. By being easy on the pocket, they give you the choice to spend more on other necessary items for your healthcare facility and frontline workers. Hence, you can focus on providing better care to your patients.

The Chosen One

Medical Links manufactures ethical and sustainable medical apparel without compromising on the quality or comfort of our gowns and is, therefore, the Number One choice for over 94 returning clientele. We have sold over 10 million pieces of medical apparel across the United States to enhance the quality of care and safety for patients and healthcare workers.
The combination of cost, comfort, and barrier effectiveness set our isolation gowns as the leading choice of many healthcare workers across the nation. The next time you want to make an environmentally friendly decision without compromising quality, choose Medical Links as your go-to PPE provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Isolation Gowns Water Repellent?

We produce various isolation gowns that provide a variation in impermeability. Our isolation gowns provide AAMI BP70 Barrier Protection Level 1, which gives minimal liquid barrier protection.

Are Wearing Isolation Gowns Effective?

Isolation gowns provide healthcare workers and patients adequate protection against transmission and contamination via fluids and particles. Therefore, wearing this PPE is considered a practical precautionary measure and is mandatory for specific situations.

When to Wear Isolation Gowns?

Our isolation gowns can be worn during routine patient care when healthcare providers require more protection than a standard surgical gown offers. Frontline workers must also wear them when approaching patients with known infectious diseases.

Do Reusable Isolation Gowns Have to Be Washed Every Time?

Yes, reusable isolation gowns should be laundered after every use to reduce the risk of transmission and infection. The CDC recommends employing a professional healthcare laundry and washing at 160 F for 25 minutes with chlorine bleach.