High-Quality Disposable Gowns For Healthcare Practitioners And
Patients In USA

At Medical Links, we keep your health and safety our
number one priority, reflecting directly in our disposable
gowns for patients and frontline healthcare workers.
Each product is put through rigorous quality control
measures. These measures ensure the disposable
gowns meet the highest FDA-approved standards before
being delivered to healthcare facilities.

Why Do You Need
Disposable Medical Gowns?

This personal protective equipment ensures the wearer does not contact potential illnesses and infections
spread through solid objects, body fluids, and mucus. Furthermore, these gowns can also help prevent the
transfer of microorganisms that may otherwise spread from patient to patient and prove detrimental to

Why Choose Medical Links
Surgical Disposable Gowns?

We know being a healthcare provider is not an easy task. From staying on your feet during surgeries to attending endless patients, your job can be physically taxing. To provide utmost comfort to hard-working frontline healthcare personnel, we pledge to manufacture the most suitable yet inexpensive disposable gowns. Our gowns are easy to wear continuously for hours, convenient to carry on the go, and can be quickly worn and taken off even during emergencies.

We Diligently Follow FDA Guidelines

At Medical Links, we focus on providing quality healthcare PPE to those who take care of the nation. Yes, that’s you! Our values align with following FDA guidelines and standards for manufacturing disposable lab gowns and surgical apparel. Therefore, we incorporate state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to deliver AAMI PB70 Standard Level 1 medical apparel to healthcare facilities that meet requirements
as per AATCC 42.
AAMI features a slight liquid barrier performance. Therefore, our gowns offer minimal fluid resistance. The PPE design is carefully curated, keeping your comfort and safety in mind.
When you select Medical Links, you get the very best quality disposable gowns. To ensure each product reaches you in the most pristine condition, our ingenious quality control experts put each gown through a water resistance test. Our gowns are then tested for vapor transmission and withholding of evaporation. Only after each product passes several quality standards is it packed and shipped to healthcare providers nationwide.

Reusable vs.
Disposable Patient

So, which type of gown should you prefer? While both have their benefits, the answer is straightforward; disposable gowns for most healthcare experts.
Medical Links gowns are hygienically packaged, ready to use, and throw. There is no fuss, no muss to bleach, wash, iron, or dry before putting it on. Not to mention you and your patients both get peace of mind with a fresh piece every time.
After all, the probability of disease transmission increases when several reusable gowns are washed simultaneously in the same machine. However, with use and throw gowns, you can easily avoid this unnecessary hassle and focus on things that matter the most; taking care of your patients.

Spend Less,
Save More!

While purchasing a reusable gown may cost less, the cost of rewashing it multiple times, along with energy, detergent, machine, and dryer cost, significantly reduces the ROI. Additionally, the risk of infectious diseases still lingering on reusable materials is much higher than that on disposable ones. Our gowns offer convenience, hygiene, and comfort all-in-one without breaking the bank. Each product can be worn and tossed out responsibly, so there is no risk of contaminating the hospital premises or spreading contagious bacteria and germs.
Furthermore, as per the FDA, apart from the hems, cuffs, and bindings, all non-surgical gown areas are prone to come in contact with a lethal microorganism. While cheap disposable gowns may be easy on the pocket, they carry the threat of being made with low-quality material. It does not provide adequate protection in critical care zones.
Medical Links inexpensive disposable gowns are manufactured following AAMI PB70 Standard Level 1 to ensure you remain protected in the critical zones as well as the seams.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Medical Links is a market leader in manufacturing and distributing medical apparel to healthcare facilities. We have sold over 10 million gowns to over 120 healthcare facilities and currently have a loyal clientele of 94 facilities. Our three C’s, comfort, cost, and convenience, make us the preferred option for many healthcare workers and facilities across the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Disposable Gowns Waterproof?

Our disposable gowns meet AAMI PB70 Standard Level 1 requirements. Hence they provide minimal water resistance. However, since they only present a slight barrier to fluid penetration, avoid using them in instances where excess liquid exposure is probable.

How Long Does a Disposable Gown Last?

Generally, it is not recommended to use a disposable gown more than once. Reusing the same product increases the probability of transmission of pathogens.

Are Disposable Gowns Cost-Effective?

Compared to reusable gowns, disposable gowns are a safe and cost-effective option for several healthcare facilities. They drastically reduce the cost of laundry, drying, and the spread of pathogens. On the contrary, reusable gowns cost more due to washing, bleaching, and ironing. Since washing does not guarantee the destruction of bacteria, reusable gowns also pose a risk to health and safety.

Are Disposable Gowns Better Than Reusable Ones?

While reusable gowns offer more comfort, disposable gowns are a safer, healthier, and cost-effective choice for healthcare workers.