What Is PPE? Types & Importance

May 3, 2021

What is PPE? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, which refers to protective garments and safety equipment designed for workers to avoid occupational hazards. Possible hazards may include…

Isolation Gowns
December 22, 2021

How Isolation Gowns Can Help in Infection Control

As infectious diseases such as Ebola, Hepatitis B, avian influenza, the recent coronavirus outbreak, etc., keep rising, the need for PPEs will also continue to increase. PPEs are…

different types of medical gowns 
December 13, 2021

Different Types Of Medical Gowns

Healthcare workers battling contagions head-to-head cannot emerge victorious with only a crash cart or a scalpel. Instead, they need something robust and dependable to keep them safe while…

What Is AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns
December 6, 2021

What Is AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns

What’s a hospital without medical devices? Here’s a simple answer: Not a hospital. Within the context of a solid healthcare system, medical devices are used to prevent, diagnose,…

Are Gowns Necessary For Covid
November 26, 2021

Are Gowns Necessary For Covid?

Statistics indicate that more than 115,000 health workers have died after contracting COVID-19. That’s why doctors/nurses have demanded proper personal protective gear (PPE) to continue treating patients during…

June 4, 2021

Exam Gloves vs. General Purpose: What’s the difference?

Gloves, a form of personal protection equipment (PPE), are one of the first defense lines in protecting workers from injury and other serious health risks. According to a…

April 16, 2021

4 Essential Things You Need To Learn About Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns are protective apparel designed to avoid exposure to infectious hazards. It is a part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that has a critical function in the…